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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Setting up your ADR account

  • How long does it take to set up App Data Room? 

  • How does App Data Room organize content? 

  • Can I create different user groups? 

  • Is there a limit to how much content we can upload? 

  • Do you offer training for administrator users? 

  • What files does App Data Room support? 

  • What are the different levels of user authorization? 

  • Customization

  • What is the difference between the Off-the-Shelf and Custom Solutions versions of App Data Room? 

  • Do you offer special pricing for larger groups and additional customization? 

  • How much customization is available? 

  • Will App Data Room work with our organization’s employee sign-on system? 

  • Do you offer content creation services? 

  • Mobile Devices that App Data supports

  • Will App Data Room only work on iPads and iPhones? 

  • Does App Data Room work on Android or Windows? 

  • Features

  • How does App Data Room track content usage? 

  • What is the “Follow-up” feature in App Data Room? 

  • How does App Data Room integrate with 

  • How does App Data Room handle foreign languages and localization needs? 

  • Security/Storage

  • Where is my data stored and how secure is App Data Room? 

  • How do I prevent some material from being distributed to our customers? 

  • What happens to the App Data Room content if we terminate an employee? 

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